Maureen spent more than 10 years in education with a passion for Instructional Design, Adult Learning Theory, and Professional Development. She served as department chair for 3 years assisting in the development of online curriculum including the visualization, mapping, planning, creation, and implementation to enhance the user’s learning experience. As an Instructional Designer, she turned the curriculum into a reality by creating engaging and interactive online courses to strengthen skill sets, comprehension, and measure mastery. Since joining Title Alliance in 2018, she has held the position of Program Developer before becoming Lead Programming Developer, where she is responsible for developing learning opportunities, programs, workshops, and courses appropriate to address needs for each department.

 Maureen has a Master’s of Science in Leadership from Northeastern University with a focus in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelor’s of Science in Education from West Chester University. She is pursuing her Doctorate in Education for Curriculum and Instruction with a certificate in Instructional Design from Northeastern University.