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Celebrating 30 Years Series: Meet Our Staff - Bill O'Connell

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Name: Bill O’Connell

Position: Partner of Title Alliance

Started with Title Alliance: 1999

Experience with Title Alliance:

I started out in the retail division in Financial Services 14 years ago. With the help of an experienced AFBA specialist I was able to learn the ins and outs of setting up joint ventures. One thing that always stuck in my mind was Partner Selection. 

How are partners selected at Title Alliance?

The key to our longevity is choosing the right partner. We choose to be in business with like-minded companies that are looking for long term security. There is something to be said for our partners’ comfort in knowing that we are doing the right thing every time.

Our success comes in the hiring of talent. Each operation must have employees who share the same mindset as us and our partners. It is pretty amazing to watch one of my affiliations grow from a launch to exceeding 3.5 million dollars in profit and still growing.

I look at our partners as more than just business partners; I look at them as friends. There is a trust and bond that is formed when you partner correctly that we value tremendously. We are helping change the lives of hundreds of agents by allowing them an additional stream of income and a quality of service they have never had in their careers.



Have a question for Bill about our partners or how to become one? Contact to set up a meeting.