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Celebrating 30 Years Series: Meet Our Staff - John Ross

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Name: John Ross

Position: Affiliated Business Specialist

Started with Title Alliance: 2009

Experience with Title Alliance:

After 22 Years in Title Operations and Sales, I joined Title Alliance to effectively focus on putting together long term Affiliated Relationships but with a company that felt more like family than a job.  Title Alliance is a perfect fit.

How is Title Alliance different from other competitors in the market?

We are different from other competitors in the market in many ways.  Other companies do affiliations as a reaction to potentially losing a customer.  Our approach on the other hand,  is a proactive one that focuses on high service level operations that help our partners grow their business, while growing their profits.  We value long term relationships so we choose to do business with like minded people, who’s values line up with ours.  We hire employees in the very same way.  The biggest differentiator is our partners, our employees and the way that we conduct business - with honesty, professionalism and integrity.  Our commitment and focus on the success of our partners and the careers of our employees, sets us miles apart from the competition and makes us very different.  Others dabble in affiliated business, we create real alliances and live in them.

We continually raise the bar for ourselves while we are setting the bar even higher for our competition.  I am excited about our next 30 years! 


Have a question for John about our partners or how to become one? Contact to set up a meeting.