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First Land Transfer, A Joint Ventured Agency, Surpasses $3.5 Million In Profits

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

First Land Transfer is a joint venture title agency partnership between Title Alliance and Keller Williams Exton, located in Exton PA. With 2013 profits of $239,394 through June, their cumulative profits reach $3,502,932.

Leona Mendenhall, agent for Keller Williams Exton, says, "I never use my check for the business. I do various things, last quarter I booked the granddaughters flight from Cali to here for them to vacation with us at beach, once I used it for renovation work at the house, once a down payment on a used car." She continues, "It always is just so wonderful to get the profits check. I appreciate the quarterly meetings and the sharing of information." She concludes, "It’s been a great experience, knowing the ladies, having them right in office, and having them ready to step up to solve any of the issues."

Cindy Dickerman, Operating Principle of Keller Williams Exton, says, "To be able to have a title company in our office that provides exceptional service and is able to provide ancillary income to the investors is incredible." She concludes, "We are lucky to have a strong team and a strong title partnership. I'm proud to recruit new agents and to share with them the successes of our title company."

"Title Ownership was a part of my decision to join KW Exton. I saw title income as another stream of income that could help support my travel and fishing habits," says Bryan Brainard, Realtor in Keller Williams Exton. He continues, "In the beginning I used it as play money. For the past 4 years, due to two college tuitions, a wedding and helping my girl get a house, I have been using it to pay debt." He concludes, "I have always had good luck and service using Erica and the girls. The title work is completed on time and with no hassle to me. I am happy to be in business with First Land Transfer."

First Land Transfer is located on Campbell Blvd. in Exton, Pennsylvania. They can be found online at or reached at 610.363.4304.

Title Alliance, Ltd. is located in Media, PA and has been creating RESPA compliant title joint ventures since 1983 with lenders, mortgage bankers, Realtors, builders and credit unions. For more information or to find out how a Title Alliance's partnership or title management skills could benefit you visit them online at or contact Lindsay Smith at 800-220-3901 x 165.

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